Sunflower oil

The Resource Group of Companies carries out the production of natural vegetable oils at its own oil-extraction factories.

The production of vegetable oils is one of the promising areas of the Company's business activities

Our enterprises, specializing in the production of vegetable oils, are located in the South of Russia. Sunflower for processing is grown on the arable land of the Company in the Rostov Region, the Stavropol Territory and the Republic of Adygea. Favorable climatic conditions of these regions make it possible to obtain high-quality raw materials, and the applied technologies and modern equipment make it possible to produce products that meet world standards.

At present, unrefined and refined deodorized bulk and bottled sunflower oil is produced at the oil extraction plants of the Resource Group of Companies.

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The products are delivered on convenient terms for customers, by the specialized automobile or railway transport of the Company, as well as by the transport of the customer.

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