The Resource Group of Companies became the first Russian poultry meat exporter to ship its products to China by rail. A pilot batch with a total volume of 24 tons was shipped on May 2 from the Company's slaughterhouse, located in the Inzhavinskiy District of the Tambov Region.

The cargo movement route passes through the Selyatino Terminal (Moscow Region), which has the appropriate accreditation of state authorities of the PRC. Then, it goes to the border checkpoint Iletsk in Kazakhstan, and later to Altynkol-Khorgos on the border with China. After checking the documents and moving the container from the Russian to the Chinese platform, it will proceed further to Chongqing, where the cargo will undergo customs and veterinary control.

The development and coordination of this route with the competent authorities of Russia, China and Kazakhstan has been carried out over the past two years. Representatives of the largest exporting companies, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the National Union of Poultry Producers, the Russian Export Center and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in China took an active part in the processes. Due to the successful coordination of actions by all parties, it became possible to effectively eliminate the existing technical restrictions and start shipping along the route, which will ensure uninterrupted supply and expansion of the geography of deliveries to the domestic provinces of China for Russian exporters of poultry meat and other goods requiring compliance with the temperature regime during transportation.
The new service in partnership with Russian Railways Logistics, JSC,  Slavtrans-Service, JSC and Russian Export Center significantly expands the possibilities of export activities of the Resource Group of Companies. In the future, the Company expects that with the support of the Russian Export Center, the number of border crossings will be increased and, in addition to the Selyatino-Khorgos-Chongqing route, the route Selyatino-Zabaikalsk-Chengdu will open. This is especially important in the context of a constant increase in the volume of foreign supplies by the Resource Group of Companies.
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