Resource Group of Companies Expands Digital Footprint with MTech

Resource Group of Companies Expands Digital Footprint with MTech

Resource Group of Companies and MTech Systems recently formed a partnership on a new pilot project in Inzhavino, Tambov region. Resource Group is using MTech software to optimize the entire supply chain as well as to strengthen its company's digital footprint. The focus of this project will start in poultry live operations and will touch every part of the business from feed mills to hatcheries to broilers. MTech's role in the first phase of this project is to provide streamlined data management, planning, mobility application, costing, and systems integration.    

Resource Group is a leader in poultry production and wants to align themselves with the right technologies to assist with the digital transformation goals. The Group was searching out solutions because they saw an opportunity to use technology to standardize their processes and take their business to the next level of growth. To accomplish this, Resource Group saw that they needed to streamline their data and processes to create greater viability and traceability across the supply chain.  

Digitalizing their processes will allow Resource Group to eliminate data silos, improve data integrity, and planning initiatives, as well as to easily gain key insights. At the end of phase one of the project, Resource Group will have centralized all their data to create one single source of truth for their entire poultry supply chain. In addition, the Group plans to utilize Axis MTech’s Business Intelligence tool to help them enhance visibility of actual production costs and the tool will also allow them to be more proactive in analyzing potential problems in the field.   

According to Senior VP Chief Innovation Officer of the Resource Group Alexander Tarin, the choice of MTech was made because of its leadership in poultry production automation. He said, “The Company expects that in partnership with the organization it will receive the best tool for the production management.”

“MTech is honored to partner with Resource Group of Companies who is such a strong leader in the Russian market. There is much to be said about the potential impact this partnership will have in Russia and the global supply chain,” said Simon Cohen, MTech’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

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