Social Responsibility

The Resource Group of Companies is one of the leading Russian agro-industrial companies with a high level of social responsibility. We follow the principles of civilized business management, which are the mandatory component of the corporate culture.


To provide the guarantee of high quality and safety of our products is the first priority for our Company. We monitor all the stages of the technical process – from the feed production to the slaughtering and the delivery of final products to our trading partners through innovation engineering solutions and quality management system.

The Company’s environmental policy involves the application of the most effective world practices in the field of waste management. Our slaughterhouses have local waste treatment facilities for physical-and-chemical and biological treatment of wastewaters. After it, wastewater does not pose risk to ecosystem and is sent to municipal sewers or natural water bodies.

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Historically our Company has been making a positive impact on the socio-economic condition of the areas of operations. We invest in restoration and construction of new production facilities and infrastructural assets, create new jobs and provide a decent standard of living for thousands of people.