Poultry assets of the Company provide a full cycle of poultry production: parent flock management, incubation, broiler growing, feed production, slaughtering, storage, sales, marketing and promotion.


The cutting-edge equipment of our feed mills allows us annually to produce more than a million tons of granulated and scattered feeds. They are produced in a strict accordance with the growing programs and cover the needs of the entire poultry population by 100%.
Parent stock management of high-performing crosses allows us to fully provide our own hatcheries with breeding material, and guarantee the high quality of the incubation egg.

All the breeding and broiler farms are adjusted to the common standard of floor housing and equipped with the most modern ventilation and climate control systems. The processes of feeding and watering, as well as illumination level and atmospheric conditions support, are fully automated. Floor housing technology allows creating conditions for the bird that are closer to natural ones, which prevents occurrence of stressful situations and as a result guarantees consumers the highest quality of chicken meat.


The final products are produced at the slaughterhouses located in the Stavropol Territory, the Tambov, and the Orenburg Region. We use certified equipment of the world's leading manufacturers to get high-quality and useful products. Each bird undergoes strict quality control and only after that is sent for recycling. To cool the poultry meat during processing we apply mist cooling which increases shelf life of the chilled food up to seven days. As a result of shock-freezing our frozen poultry looks good, preserves its texture, nutrition value, and taste.

Storage of the final products is accomplished on the grounds of Company’s own high-tech distribution centers and low-temperature storages. Application of high-tech solutions at all production stages allows the Resource Group of Companies to guarantee consistently high quality and promptly manage the assortment in accordance with customers' requests.